At this point I would like to thank everybody involved in the process of making this thesis possible. First of all, my two professors and supervisors Marian Dörk and Boris Müller for questioning my own visualizations in many ways, developing this thesis and guiding me towards a new kind of understanding for visualizations and interfaces. My two friends, Jonas Parnow and Paul Heiniker for helping me by questioning everything I did, being part of great conversations and helping me with the coding of the visualizations.
I would also like to thank Emöke-Ágnes Horvát and Andreas Spitz from the University of Heidelberg, for providing me with the IMDB data as well as giving feedback to the various visualizations. Thank you to the suppliers of the other datasets that in the end did not made it into this thesis, Shahar Ronen and Professor Cesar Hidalgo from the MIT media lab as well as Sebastian Ahnert from the University of Cambridge and Albert-Laszlo Barabasi from the Center for Complex Network Research. I would also like to thank my other two interview partners who helped in the ‘findings’ section as well as with developing new visualization methods by developing new research questions, Camille Roth from the ‘Centre Marc Bloch’ and Professor Jan Distelmeyer from the University of Potsdam. Thank you to the entire team of the Interaction Design Lab and especially the SaSER team, Jan-Erik Stange, Johannes Landstorfer, Sebastian Rauer and our supervising Proffessor Reto Wettach for the past year and a half in network visualization research. Who also needs acknowledgment is Michele Fry, for proofreading though this thesis and correcting my grammar.
And finally I would like to thank my girlfriend Teresa, for reminding me that the world is not only made out of ones and zeros. As well as my Mom and Dad, without them none of this would exist and thank you for always being involved and supportive of my interest for culture and travel.